So recently, a lot of people have been saying that we should credit artist who’s artwork we edit because it is considered art theft. We understand where you guys are all coming from and we wouldn’t want any of our own work to be stolen like that either. When we started this blog we considered trying to credit every single artist, but we could not find a way to accurately and consistently do that.

And now, we still could not come up with a solution to this issue. We also haven’t recently been posting to this blog for a while, so we have decide to shut down the blog. We have deleted all the posts which is as much as we can do. Our ask box is still open so if there is anything else we should do to help, you can tell us there.

It was a good 11 months. Thank you for all the people who followed and we never would have thought we would have gotten 1.2K followers and so many reblogs on posts.

Goodbye Transparencied.